Description of the pot-hole repair technology

This patented technology uses common microwave radiation for uniform heating of the repaired spot to an optimal working temperature, without adversely affecting (degrading) the asphalt material of the road.

The use of microwave technology allows for optimal repairs of the pot-holes on asphalt roads all the year round, including winter season. This maximizes quality of the repairs without any gaps between the edges of the damaged spot and the corrective mixture, also in comparison to conventional technologies currently being used.

Technological process of repairing pot-holes consists of following steps

  1. Preparation of the damaged spot on asphalt surface
  2. Heating up of the damaged spot and corrective mixture
  3. Application and compaction of corrective mixture

Pre-treatment of the damaged spot on the road

Before repair, the local road failure must be pre-treated, ensuring the best quality of the subsequent repair work. The pre-treatment consists of:

1. Preparation of the damaged spot on asphalt surface

  • Removal of all dirt, dust, water or humidity from the pot-hole by sweeping or blowing out. If there is ice in the pot-hole, it should be removed mechanically or by a hot air burner.

  • Application of an absorption agent which improves the surface of the damaged road spot by polymerization of asphalt substance, ensuring better mechanical and physical properties and longer lifetime.

    The absorption agent also makes the absorption of microwave radiation more effective and speeds up the heating. The agent is applied by painting or spraying the repaired spot.

2. Heating of the damaged road spot and corrective mixture

  • The damaged road spot is heated up exclusively by FT 3 microwave device to ensure optimal heating of the whole surface throughout its cross section. The heating speed might be affected by several factors, such as initial temperature or structure of damaged spot surface (e.g. content of basalt/quartz filler) and also age of the surface.

  • The corrective mixture can be heated by a mobile microwave oven, especially during the winter season when the hot packaged mixture from the wholesale market cannot be obtained. That way it is ensured that only appropriate amount of the cold packaged mixture at a time is heated up to working temperature.

3. Application and compaction of corrective mixture

  • The compaction of the corrective mixture in order to achieve the homogenous connection of the mixture with the original road material is performed by vibration method, such as vibrating plate.

The method is suitable for repairs of cracks and gaps and especially 0,5 – 1 square meter sized pot-holes.