Highly effective FT3 machine for repairing pot-holes

This is a mobile device designed for manual movement on the repaired road, which can be transported by a van or trailer.

The road repair machine requires only electric power for its operation, supplied by an electric power center.

Stroj FT3 na opravy silnic a dálnic



Thanks to unique and patented technology of repairing pot-holes by microwave radiation the whole repaired surface is evenly warmed up, which ensures high quality of repairs even in winter months notwithstanding the outside temperature.


The repair of asphalt surface by means of microwave radiation significantly speeds up and simplifies the technological process of repairing pot-holes, because some standard steps, such as milling the repaired spot or filling up the gaps, including transport of techniques and materials, are no more necessary. The reparation is thus faster, but also of higher quality and longer durability compared with classical methods.


By warming up the foundation and the mixture by microwave technology to the required temperature without degrading asphalt materials it is possible to make a homogenous and firm connection of both substances. This eliminates formation of cracks and water intrusion into repaired spot, which would otherwise cause its subsequent disruption and crumbling away.